Monday, September 13, 2010


Sunday it POURED here!! Great day to stay home and work in The Glitter Lounge , after all I have a million swap pieces to create! Instead...I changed out of my comfy flannel pants and grabbed my favorite girls and we headed to an indoor flea market/antique mall.

It was my first time there, it had such a variety, over 70 vendors! So many choices - almost too many choices - I will have to visit several times in order to get the full scope! To add to the excitement, it is also connected to an auction house! They are having an auction this Friday night and we had a chance to preview the set-up, OH the FUN!! There are over 20 boxes of costume jewelry, I think I counted 8 hat boxes that are FULL and a several sewing kits!

I came home with a small stack of goodies this time...a few postcards (which have to stay a secret for a while) a couple of really neat black and whites and of course.....a nice addition of trim for my Vintage Trim swap for Silver Bella!

There are about 20+ yards of trim in there! Mostly cotton, but there are also a few other pieces in there that are more of the polyester that looks like it would be a beautiful garter or edging on a vintage slip! Not sharing all of this stash! I am NOT getting too close with my picture because I want some of the details of these pieces to be a surprise! I am giving you a bit of a spoiler, should see the fine detail of this one is all these teeny-tiny little cute!

Hopefully, I will have a few goodies to share with you after the auction on Friday!

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  1. yummy,
    i just love trim. ive already got ur swap for bella done. yeah one down four to go.