Monday, August 30, 2010

Where to begin

I am working on Swap pieces today....Swaps are good and bad for me. Good because I LOVE to exchange and give goodies, and bad because I LOVE to exchange and give goodies!!

I limited myself to 5 at Silver Bella, but couldn't resist the urge to host another one myself for Halloween and join an additional one with Silver Bella. So...that makes 7 that I am working on right now! My furry little partners are exhausted already!!

I have to say - I love it, not stressed or overwhelmed about it at all, just trying to figure out where to start! My Crafter ADD is in overdrive!
I really don't want to mess up my craft studio because I just cleaned it...AGAIN! I am always rearranging in there! But, once I get going in there it is history! I feel like she is laughing at me...

I started looking around though last night and thought...what in the world are you going to do with all of this!
This doesn't even show you the Ribbon closet....geez, there is a lot of stuff here!
I could create until the end of time and only need to venture out for glue!

OK...time to get busy! I have chicken wire stretching, A Princess whining for Cinnamon toast and glitter calling my name!


  1. WOW, I'd love to go shopping in your craft room, LOL


  2. I want to come over and play in your craft room!! I love that doll head with the big laughing mouth!!

    I am going to start on my swap box tomorrow since I have a few free hours in the morning :)


  3. Your welcome to come over any time! I love my mannequin husband is a bit scared of her, which makes me love her even more! ;)