Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to School Night x2

I have Back to School night - 3 nights in a row! Seriously....I can't believe it...that is a lot of teacher introduction!

It was funny, being in their schools and listening to the teachers and coming to the realization that all my children are growing up. Like, really growing up! I have a Freshman in High School! I honestly remember putting her on the Kindergarten bus as if it were yesterday!

Tonight, I went to the High School, the High School where I have sooooo many memories! Some really good, some really bad! I went to 3 three different High Schools so you can imagine there were some tough times there...

Tonight I pulled into the parking lot and had a rush of memories....coming out of the locker room after Field Hockey practice. The first time I saw all my old friends after I moved back to the area....meeting up with my boyfriend after his baseball practice...

Walking through the halls held so many similar first kiss...the nasty "mean girls"....the feeling of "needing to get out of here". High School is crazy!

I was also blown away by their workload! Good gracious!!! Aren't they just in High School!?! But, the world is so competitive, they need to get ahead of the game.

My son, Hayden who is in his last year of Elementary school is finally getting resources that are really going to benefit him. They are working on the Visual learning portion of things...finally!! We learn the same way...need to see it to believe it! Believe it or work through it...however you want to look at it!

Tomorrow I go to school for The Senator - The Brain - Mr. Smarty-pants! I am sure that I will be lost in the first 5 minutes of his teachers talking to me.

Wish me luck!


  1. hey girlie,
    im gonna say" wow a highschooler", you look great for having a highschooler. im gonna be grey by the time my oldest starts highschool. hey you wanna really embarress you kiddo's get a shirt that says your a
    ps im sending you an email about the rosette swap. im in speckled eggs swap too.

  2. They all just grow up way to fast!


  3. Just came back from Open House night at the Middle School last night. Both our girls are in MS this year, 6th and 8th grade.

    It was alot to take in, the 8th grader was running around socializing and the 6th grader didn't know what to think! LOL

    They do grow up fast, too fast I think!