Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just me

I am participating in several swaps for Silver Bella and started thinking that maybe I should follow the lead of some of my Bella Sisters and share a little inside information on myself....seems like a good idea!

A few random details...my head measures 22"...(I am participating in a "Crown" swap...don't want my crown falling off!!) I am a hat girl...I love Hats - Old and New!!! I wear hats pretty often...

I am a Frilly Romantic at heart with a Wild side tucked away who loves funky clothes, funky makeup and would be willing to dye my hair just about any color given the right circumstances....lol.

I love soft romantic colors but tend to wear a lot of black and white with a splash of red lipstick.... I jump around in my daily style...a lot... ;)

I wanted to be a Fashion Designer, a Writer and Interior Designer when I was a little girl! Probably why I gravitate towards paper, fabric, stamps, pictures, trims and most anything that is tactile. I love to tell a story through pictures, and I love to create pretty things to look at and to wear.


I LOVE Milk Glass, Farmhouse pictures, Gold frames (all busted up and old) and Girly Mix-matched China.

I am pretty sentimental...that bottle (below) was a wedding gift from my Grandfather....he was a waterman on the Chesapeake Bay and that is a bottle he pulled up in his boat one day... Inside was a note that talked about love and life and marriage. It was one of the most touching gifts we received and it sits on my mantle for me to see and remember every day. I also Really love old boxes - mostly jewelry boxes but have been known to gravitate towards all sorts of boxes! I fill them with all sorts of treasures....old jewelry bits for making other things....Or with Buttons....another BIG FAT love of mine!! I LOVE buttons!!! All sorts of buttons...this is just a small snapshot of the buttons I have. I have jars and jars of them!

Also on my list...
Old Pictures of "Found Family"...I have boxes of them. I love looking at their expressions and taking in the scenes of what they are doing.

Fabric, Trims and Yarn....

I am sure that the list could get longer, but I am trying to control myself! I don't want to start looking like one of those people they make show about (hoarders...)!!!

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  1. Hi Heather,
    I'm glad you shared. I can't wait to get the details for the box swap. I've gotten one swap done for bella and I've started a second this week. I've got swap fever