Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Treasure Hunting

I am jumping in on a little blog I found recently. I love seeing everyones thrifty finds! Unfortunately, I read this morning that next week will be the last time that she is doing this for the year....sigh.....always late to the party!!
I have a few favorite "Treasure" spots that I like to visit on a regular basis and we hit them over the weekend.
Honestly, I like to go on Thursday - before all the 9-5 people come out on the weekend! Sorry...being a bit
These three little treasures are actually a 2-parter because I am changing them up to fit into Lily's room. She is totally loving horses right now and wants to start taking Riding lessons (thank you!!!) So...I just rearranged her room this weekend and added these pieces. I will show you the after picture will be suprised!
The one picture is painted on canvas (easy to pop out of that gross frame) and the other two cost me $1 each!

I love these little vintage ornaments....I don't think I will be keeping all of these. I have some plans for them! They were about to make their way out to a yard sale the Antique store was having. See....being early pays off!

Last but not least...I found these babies! No pun intended!! But the shoes are in their original box and even have the date of someone's christening!
The trim is vintage cotton lace! The trims only cost me .25 Cents!

I spent about $15.00 for everything....


  1. I know how you feel about being late - I wish Southern Hospitality's party lasted year-round. I always feel like garage sale season has officially started back up when Ms. Rhonda starts the party back up.

  2. yummy goodies. christmasis one of my favs to buy for! cant wait to see what u find next week!

  3. Nice little treasures. Please check out the other links at the party and see what other thrifting parties there are out there to join.