Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A little Wednesday Whimsy

I thought I would share a little project that I have had tucked away...nothing special, just a bit of Whimsy for you or your favorite little Fairy lover!
When my oldest daughter was younger she had her very own little Fairy garden in our backyard. The idea for the garden came from one of her little girlfriends, and we just expanded on it. We had so much fun with it...the Fairy would come and leave her little notes (written by yours truly) and Bree would leave notes back. It was super sweet!
Recently, I made these little containers of Fairy Fertilizer....because in order for your Fairy to find you she needs to see the sparkles! You'll remember that Lily covered Henry in Glitter so that the Sparkles could come down from Heaven and find him....

I will be listing these little cuties on Etsy today. Each one comes with a handmade vellum envelope filled with flower seeds and a little poem with instructions on how to use your Fairy Fertilizer! The glitter is REALLY sparkly in person, not quite as great in the pictures!

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