Thursday, September 9, 2010

Preschool and Cupcakes

Today was Lily's first day of went off without a hitch....thank goodness!!!

There was a moment when I thought we had jumped back into the sinking boat of "I want to quit school!!!!"

When the older kids started she couldn't wait for her first day...then...after two weeks of the kids going and her not, she changed her mind.

The two days before school started were UGLY! Stressful and UGLY!

But, she went...with a smile on her face! She picked out her outfit (didn't like the one I picked out...), did her own hair, and actually walked into school ON HER OWN! Of course, I was by her side but she actually walked - on her own two feet - this time!

When I picked her up, I took her to pick out a "Pillow Pet" and gave her cupcakes!She was so tired that as soon as we got into the car, she conked out!

Going to school is a good thing...

Love the icing on these cupcakes! I found the recipe here.... Fern & Feather

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  1. she's a doll. i always think to myself "they are not sleeping, they are recharging" lol. love the cupcakes!! bringt those too!