Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today and the ADD

Today I am seriously considering medication for my ADD...I am not joking! :)

I am laughing at myself, but I am seriously considering help...

Examples for the medical professionals....
While working on my second Swap box - which I am BUSTING at the seems to show you!

I decided that I HAD to rearrange Lily's room and make an entire side of the room a Play area for her because I kept having to step over her little pink table that she likes in the craft room...sketched out a plan..

Back to the craft room....where I decided that I couldn't possibly continue to work in there with all that yarn in bags distracting me (also tripping me) I needed to rearrange some stuff and put up more shelves...out to the garage to get some shelves (the wire kind, don't panic I didn't bust out real wood and saws)...

..While in the garage I spotted two wooden crates....decided to move my sewing machines to those and put books in the bottoms...Sidetracked once again!

..Today is Knit Night at my house so I needed to straighten the downstairs (mind you I am still rearranging the upstairs)....while putting away a tablecloth I spotted a plate stand that I thought FOR SURE I needed to spray paint Pink for Lily's room. Surely, she needed another spot to put her buttons and such. So out I went to spray paint....

.. Now I am sweating and need to shut the windows and turn on the AC again...pretty humid out there today...go to shut the windows and literally find 10 other things that distract me while on this task!

*Called my husband and tell him I think I am losing my mind....
Moved her because I am now convinced that she IS laughing at me...

*Decided I needed a Diet Coke to make it through the afternoon and the mental Lily dressed and started to leave..until my phone started acting crazy and I got distracted by the fact that I couldn't check my emails. Dropped the purse and jumped on the laptop....sidetracked!
What is wrong with me!! I no longer get on my kids about being sidetracked because - SERIOUSLY - that is like the pot calling the kettle black!!

In NO way do I think that ADD is a joke or am I making a joke about such a condition. I am simply acknowledging the fact that the way it affects me is sometimes funny and frustrating!

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  1. girl you should see the floor in my studio. i am making a crown for a swap and hubby said i have to get it done tonight so i can clean the room!!!
    I have see a doc cause my ADD is out of control