Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The King and his Court

"The King"
July 1999 - June 2010

We tried and tried to get a "good" picture of everyone together...Kids and Dogs - what a mess!!

Tonight we said goodbye to a member of our family. Our very loyal, unbelievably gentle American Bulldog, Henry.

He greeted everyone that came to our home with a smile. I can't tell you how many times we heard the expression "...what a cool dog!!"

He was a King in our book. An amazing creature - not just an animal but part of our family that will be very missed.

He chose us, and we were the better for it. He protected us, played with us, kept my husband company on the fishing pier, always knew when I was going to have a baby (labor was immanent when Henry came to sleep by my side of the bed)..... even saved one of our sons lives - twice!

This past Friday he was diagnosed with Bone Cancer and we have been fighting with the emotions since then of losing him. We chose to have him put down at home, in our backyard with us by his side.

Lily - in true Lily manner - covered him in Glitter because she wanted The Sparkles to be able to find him when they came down from Heaven. Sparkles (the stars) are all the little Heaven Fairies (Angels) in her book and they needed something shiny to see where he was.

AS a PSA: Henry has not "passed" in this picture...she sprinkled him with Glitter right as the vet got here...don't want you to think I am morbid!!

There were a lot of emotions and many different ways that they were shown, my husband was a mess, my boys were stoic, my oldest daughter distraught and my youngest just wanted me.

For me, it hasn't sunk in yet. I am sure it will when I don't see him sitting in his favorite chair tomorrow....
Sleep peacefully my Henry will be forever in our hearts!

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  1. Heather, I'm sharing tears with you this morning. Dogs have owned me almost every day of my life. What a beautiful dog, Henry! Wishing you a healed heart, comfort and wonderful memories in days to follow. That was the bravest thing you and your family did for can not show deeper love and selflessness than take away their pain and let them go.