Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentines On the mind

The snow arrived verrrryyyy slooowwwlllly..... not really what the kids in mind!

Glad I didn't hit the grocery store, much better time was spent at home...on the computer searching for Vintage Valentines Images and washing fabric. I finished a shirt that I was working on for Lily. She is such a peanut that I am going to need to take it in again in the shoulders....she is like this teeny tiny little pixie!! I make a 2t and it is too short, I make a 3t and it is like a potatoe sack! Geeshhhh!

I found sooooo many cute things! I think I overloaded my computer with images and downloads!

Here are some of my favorites:

Paper Dolls!! Love Paper dolls and Lily spent much time trying to cut their little outfits out just right.

These are the Betsy McCall ones, very cute. Never heard of them before but they are cute!

(She scored VERY high in the fine motor skills portion of her recent 3yr preschool progress report....Big Wink for ya! HeeHee.. But no joke, she really did....)

Then I found these great images! I have big plans for some of them. I also used this tutorial last night and made a few of them.....I am planning a really cute combination of the both for Valentines Day for all my girls!

Download the PDF here....and please link any and all credit for that Tut to Wise Craft. I am very grateful to people who do what I can't do....make those blasted little PDF's!!

Check out some of these images! Feel free to lift any of them that you like. I found most of them at the site I listed yesterday and a few just by surfing the net.

Finally came up with my plan for Lily's Valentines for her class. Very cute!! I love being inspired!

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