Monday, February 1, 2010

What we do for Love

What I won't do for my Love of fabric.....On Saturday a "minor dusting" of snow turned into a pretty hefty snowstorm, dropping 6" of snow on the ground in the matter of an hour.

But...I had the opportunity to go to my favorite little quilt shop WITHOUT 3 of my crew, I was half way there after Jacobs basketball game, so I went for it!

I drove through this.....

And in the end....It was NOT a successful trip. In fact after taking 1 hour to complete a drive that usually only takes 20 minutes I arrived to find the shop closed! I was so bummed!! I had even called twice on the way to see if they were still there.

Oh, Well....I did spend quality time with Jacob. We enjoyed it, he kept telling me I was crazy and I just kept agreeing.

I really needed that Pink Fabric! Darn Mother Nature!! Oh how these snow storms remind me of why I LOVE Spring and Summer!!

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