Wednesday, February 3, 2010


We are getting SLAMMED with another Winter Storm. I have spent all my home hours up in my craft studio making Valentines gifts and making my way downstairs to make dinner, snacks and check in on the crew. Hubby has a nice fire going in the fire place and the kids are just roaming and enjoying the crazy snow and all the excitement that it brings.

Who doesn't love "finding" something they forgot they had?? ...Always puts a smile on my face! I was using one of my little cameras to take pictures of the flowers I made for Valentines day and came across these pictures of my daughter and I in New York City from the summer. We went up for a trade show and spent a girls weekend with my mom, my daughter and I. It was a whirlwind and I forgot she had used this camera while we were there.

These pictures put such a smile on my face. She is a BEAUTIFUL girl and she is growing up so fast! This is a difficult time - at times - because she is testing the waters of being a teenage girl. We have had a few "attitude" conversations but then I see pictures like this and I remember what a sweetheart she really is!

And now, I also miss the sunshine and a tan!

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