Friday, February 5, 2010

Flowers in February

I linked to a flower tutorial the other day that was really is one of them finished. I can't post anymore because they are going to be gifts but I think it turned out really cute. Both my girls want one...lucky for them, they will be getting one for Valentines Day!

I started with the paper template...

But then I transferred the pattern onto this stabilizing paper just because it was easier than working with the paper flower cut outs for me.

Sewed the backing onto the felt and then just glued the felt piece to the flower..this is something I would NOT normally do. I would normally hand sew it all the way around but this was cheap felt and I was afraid if I sewed the entire thing it would rip. I HEART real felt but just don't have any right now.
This is the stack of fabrics that I am ready to get started with ! I have some serious flowers to make!

I am adding a pretty pincushion to my list of projects for the weekend. I hate that red tomato one!

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