Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am "SNOW" over it...

We are in the middle of another Blizzard in the matter of days. Mother Nature barely gave us a break! We made it through the first one without anybody having to eat straight peanut butter. There were some serious damages from the first storm. It dumped 30+ inches of snow on us. CRAZY! Our little grocery store lost the entire from of the building because the awning collapsed. We lost a few days of business at our store...but luckily our roof held. Big concern considering it is FLAT!
That is the awning sticking up out of the pile of rubble and snow!

I never did get out and play in the snow.. part of me regrets it, the other part (the warm part...) not so much. Here are a few of the sites from Storm 1.....Mostly taken from my Craft Room window, the back door or in the house. Again, not going out in that nonsense!

This is the view from my craft room. It is a little deep on top of the car there!

We woke up to this on the windows...Snow! Stuck to the screens, it was blowing so hard all night long.

The girls playing in the snow. Lily is so tiny the snow was past her waist! She came in right after this picture was taken. In fact Bree is yelling that Lily wants to come in..

This is our walkway out you see how deep that snow it???

Inside we were much cozier...I had these pretty things to look at and work with in my craft room....all was good on my end.

Remember the flower pins I posted about? Well here are few that I made. I did change up a few things after I made a couple. I found a technique I liked a little better for putting them together when you use different patterns for the petals.

I made a mistake on one of them....can you figure out which one?? That is the "beauty" of being interrupted 122 times by a four year old. You lose your place....alot.....

Mother Nature is supposed to give us another "dusting" on Monday.......WHY!!!! The Governor lost his cool a little bit today and said..."Don't even start with that....why can't you pave my roads down to the asphalt....just, Don't even start with that!" It was a little funny. You could see the "father" in him coming right out! Loved it!

I think the guys driving all those plows are doing the best that they can!


  1. I can't believe all the snow you got!!! I like the cozy view of things the best:-)

  2. Thank you! I was so content to just stay