Tuesday, February 2, 2010


More snow is headed our way! They are calling for snow tonight and then major snow all weekend....crazy! I love snow, but only so much...

While everyone I am sure is out at the grocery store - I am washing fabrics and getting patterns ready. I plan to sew, sew, sew while it Snows, Snows, Snows!!!

I am stuck with two different knitting patterns right now so I am returning to my sewing roots. I had plans to go scrapbooking this weekend, wonder if the snow is going to screw that up?? Valentines projects are on my agenda, luckily I have all the glitter and supplies I need here so no more trips to the store in the snow.

I am still searching for the perfect Vintage image for Valentines Cards - so many to chose from but one just hasn't jumped out at me yet! I found so many here and last year I found several here. Just too many options for my Craft ADD!!

Tomorrow I will show you more of my favorite valentine links. So many to chose from!!

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