Friday, August 20, 2010

Halloween Swap Box

Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays!

I just love to decorate and get started on my decorations as soon as I feel the bite in the air! And every year I have "Witches" dinner party - an all girls dinner party that is held outside under the is pretty awesome!

I have decided that I am going to host a Halloween Swap Box - and I would love for you to join me!! I am feeling black and orange glitter, Vintage ephemera, black lace, stamps, etc.

Here are the details!

This will be a One-on-One box swap, Cigar box don't have to use a cigar box but that is a good size to work with. Think...10x5x2 size...

Candy can be included, but kept to a minimum...I mean, come on...we need to keep up our girlish figures!!

MAX of 3 "destash" items....and please make those quality pieces! For example, I have a beautiful collection of vintage Black glass beads...

If you are interested, please email me at and include your name & address. Please also answer the following questions in your email..that way we can get this ball rolling!

1. What type of Halloween girl are you? Are you a Diva-licious Witch...Using the glitz and glamour. Are you a Warty-Wanda... more of the classic witch style? Are you Spook-alicious...little more on the "dark side" or are you an All American Halloween kinda girl...vintage/Americana style

2. Do you have a Blog? Please include the address...

3. Is there a key element to your decorating style??

The deadline for joining me is going to be the 27th of August - and swap partners will be announced by the 30th!! Boxes should be in the mail no later than September 24th....want to enjoy them for the entire MONTH of Halloween!!!


  1. Well, if no one else participates, I will be your swap partner!! I'm in!!


  2. I'm in Heather!!!
    If its just us three I am down to do two.
    Take care

  3. Heather, did you get your quota? If not, and it's not too late, I'd like to jump in. Let me know, Julie
    I like spooky Halloween stuff, dark, rusty, and blingy too. I love old keys, watches, sprockets, buttons, lace, etc.

  4. My box went out today, did yours???? Julie