Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I wore or should have...

I have a serious Wardrobe Crisis!

I am linking to Jeanne Oliver's "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours..."

Well...I don't have pictures of what I wore all week because I apparently wore the same crummy clothes all week and it is embarrassing!  Example of my wardrobe crisis....I had a clothes pin in my hair all day yesterday and the only person who seemed to notice was the Senator! At dinner!
I also like to be comfortable at home and I also ALWAYS change right when I come home. I hate to wear my "good" clothes around the house....all though after this little trip down memory lane, I'm not sure I have any good clothes! I only get "dressed" to run errands....I guess I really didn't leave the house that much last week!

I wore these pants at least 2 days...probably more...they are my favorite pair and the only pair that fit me comfortably anymore!
As a matter of fact, here is an example of an outfit I know included these pants!
Sunday: Art Guild meeting, these jeans
White Tank top: Target
Mustard Yellow Check Camp shirt: Old navy

I wore this attractive pair of pants probably 4 days...I change into them when I am going to "work" in my craft room or on any projects. Since I have that show coming up in two weeks I'm working A LOT! So....I might have worn them more than 4 times....gross!

PATHETIC I tell you!!!
Here are a few outfits I wish I wore....

Image from Pinterest I think...

These would be nice....

This would be cute! Seems I am leaning towards the Country look these days...

But, because I am a SUCKER for some stripes....I would LOVE any of these..

This is about the perfect Running Errands outfit for me....

Alright...well that was fun! lol...I think I am going to go shopping  now.... Happy Wednesday!

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