Monday, May 21, 2012

Good Morning Monday

Another Rainy Monday here on the East Coast... I would actually really enjoy it if Summer vacation had started for the kids because then we could all be lazy and cuddle together!

But, I sent the kids off to school and I am going to run to one of my favorite little junk spots! It is only open on Monday AM's...not the most convenient! Still one of my favorite spots though!

Here is my Monday recap of last week....

Spent a few mornings at Pops
Baby Geese are everywhere! Usually we don't like the geese in the yard because they Poo everywhere, but...when they have little babies we are a little more lenient.

It was a gaggle of geese parade! Three sets of Mama & Daddy with their babies, all different ages.
One set, lost one of their 3. I was there on Tuesday and they had 3 little ones and by Thursday, only 2...sad. 

This poor Mama was down 5!! She started with 10....sad....

I was just trying to enjoy a cup of coffee and Izzy wouldn't stop staring at me...while perched on my lap! Worse than a little kid I tell ya!

Speaking of kids...this was my Saturday AM...trying to get around this group while doing laundry and "chores".

Little Birthday party for one of Lil's classmates. Lil LOVES to bowl! lol...

Trying to get ready for the art guild show....I have SO MUCH to do...

Hope last week was Picture Perfect for you!!


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  1. Girl, you can run circles around me!

    I don't know how you do it!!

    Izzy is darling!