Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weekly Smashup...

I'm sensing a pattern blog, which I love so much is falling behind! I LOVE my blog!!!! So, here is a little smash up!

I am SO excited about my steps towards building my business....I am not a fan of saying "business" because I absolutely LOVE what I am doing right now. It is a blessing to be able to start bringing my love of design/jewelry/vintage all together!

I also find that my kids LOVE me so much, they never want to leave me by myself all day when they should be in school. I love being home with my kids and obviously they know that! Haha.. But seriously...they keep bringing home EVERY virus that the school system has provided them! It is getting ridiculous!

And...lets NOT forget Baseball/Softball!!!! I only have 1/2 my crew playing this year...don't know what I would do if they ALL were playing!

MY Monday Recap:

This seems to be a "Ground Hog Day" situation for me...but I adore these girls and would rather them be here than "out"...

She is on the side lines on the weekend!

BEAST....Such an amazing little ball player

Remember....the virus situation?!? See Lily's face?? She just heard she was going to have to have another Strep test!

Custom piece made for a friend. LOVE IT!! Came out sooooo "Goddess Like"

My Art Guild Bio photo....
sums it up...

Tuesday Tutorial!
Great Class...You should take it! This isn't for a "project" so to speak, but it a tutorial on creating a better business for yourself!

Wednesday Whimsy:

Check bag on

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