Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Tute: Bows

Even though Mother Nature is sooooo confused around these parts lately, one day it is FREEZING cold and the next it is BEAUTIFUL and sunny...really doesn't seem to be any middle ground!  It is time update our wardrobes!

Way back in the day, when the Lil' was a baby, I made hair accessories and cute little boutique outfits for her. I LOVED it! It was really fun to accessorize and "decorate" her cute little noggin... Since I have just purchased a few new outfits for the little cutie it is time to make some coordinating hair bows! Seems that I barely have time to shower every day (shhhh...please don't tell anyone...) much less create my own tutorial!  And really, there are some great ones out there...thanks Pinterest for helping me find them! 

I found these two tutorials on how to make bows that seemed pretty easy to follow. I will say that I did sew the bows I made for Lil', I liked them better than the glued ones...now that I am usually creating a hair accessory for her as she is waiting to get on the bus, I have become a fan of the glue gun! I can rip apart a flower and glue it to a headband faster than anyone I know! ....

These are a two different techniques...give them a try! If your little one doesn't like a barrette as much, take the tutorial to a new level. Get yourself a pack of headbands and glue the bow to the headband! I do this ALL the time!

Check out this one...but, please....finish the edges of the bows off! Either cut them at an angle or in a V. Grab a match and lightly burn the ends. Then you wont get that frayed look!
(Click the Image)

The one below is great for doing a hand sewn bow. They hold up REALLY well!
(Click the Image)

Go Forth and make something cute! XOXO!

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  1. This is going to be super important to me in coming years... accessories for girls! I can't have her leaving the house without a HUGE bow on her head!

    A Girl!! What am I going to do with myself??