Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Showing you Mine

I'm tagging along to Jeanne Oliver's "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours..". This week is my Purse! This is actually not as full as it usually is! There is usually a ton of stuff in there....the lighting is pretty bad because it is cloudy this morning!

1. A Hat...I always have a hat in there.
I have crazy hair, especially when it gets a little humid here.

2. Epi Pen: Deathly allergic to Bee's and Cinnamon

3. Receipts and Handiwipes

4. Makeup pouch...filled with lip gloss and more lip gloss

5. Notebook

6. A little purchase from an Antique shop

7. Mail...always a random piece or two of mail

8. A scarf...never know when I will need to dress up an outfit.

9.  Roses this stuff. Especially for my fingers...

10. More Lip gloss

11. Vintage Cigar case that I use to conceal my tampons!

12. My Wallet. I love it, orange leather. It's my favorite...

As Jeanne mentioned in her post, I also love random info about people! It's fun!
Now, to be truthful...there are usually more snacks, sunglasses (a few pairs...girl needs options) a random piece junk, My Phone (used to take the picture), ear buds, and my keys are never in my purse!

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  1. Hi! Found you over at Jeanne's :-)
    I love stuff like this and I love the color of your wallet :-)