Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday: Photo Insta.Recap

It's a rainy Monday...great day to sleep, difficult day to get motivated!

Lil' and Izzy...Izzy looks a wee bit terrified! 

I tried my hand at making a ring...I was pretty happy about it! Working on new skills!

Hard day on the ball field! The worst of the season for her...and not because of her pitching!

There was a house across the street for a few days...drove my pups crazy!

Last hanshake of the season.... Sad day for my baby girl. #10 is a Senior, and my girl only a Sophmore! LOVED the way the two of them played together and loved the way #10 kept my girl going even in the toughest of matchups!

Playoff Game. They didn't advance and the opposing team left some pretty nasty press for my girl. Haters....

Cleats are even cleaned off yet and she is practicing for her fall sport.

Happy Mothers Day....on the side of a ball field!

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