Thursday, August 26, 2010

School is back in!

School has officially started! The Sun is rising just a bit later in the morning and I officially have a Freshman! What!!!!! I really - really - don't feel this old! But there she is...all beautiful and blonde! My boys were too cool for Mom to be taking a picture of them! This is my 7th grader...he was telling me to "stay across the street...don't come over here..." when I was trying to take his picture. I had to chuckle a bit because I know how lovey-dovey he is at home!

And of course, this guy is just too cool for school!! He "let" me take a picture of him before he got to the bus stop...notice that he is running off the porch!

Lily hasn't quite started week,but this is the look I get about 2pm when she is beyond the moment of patience with waiting for her sister and Brothers to get home!

I can't believe that last year they were all posing together on the porch and this year I can barely stand on the same side of the street with them!!

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