Saturday, August 14, 2010


I am BROKEN and can't be fixed!!
Friday night I broke my index finger on my RIGHT hand!! Of course there is nothing that can be done for a broken finger, so I am "buddy taped" up and suffering through the daily grind. I can't believe how uncomfortable it is! You don't realize how much your index finger is part of your daily activities! Even typing this is difficult...I have too many projects to work on to deal with this nonsense! There are crowns to make, purses to create, trims and scraps to collect! UGGGHHH....
On a brighter note...look at this yummy find! I acquired this in a box lot at an auction I went to in the Spring. I semi-forgot about it during the chaos of the shop and shop closing but rediscovered it while packing up! It is YUMMY!!! Doesn't it look like pulled taffy??? Kinda???
They are sashes...aren't they beautiful! I am thinking that they would make all sorts of beautiful "tails" for ribbons, corsages, BIG flowers, etc.!!


  1. How on earth did you break your finger???? Better now then in November - hopefully it will be healed and fully usable by Silver Bella (gotta have your priorities!). Those sashes are so yummy and yep they totally do look like pulled taffy! What a great find!
    Feel Better Hon!

  2. Whaaat! No broken bones. You have swaps to think about woman! Betta start crafting with your toes! Love the sashes. Yummylicious!

  3. Hi Heather,
    I am soo sorry about your finger. I've broken items on me before and its a real downer but try to stay CHEER-Y . Just think about all the fun your gonna have in a few months at Bella. I stop by regularly just to see what other bella's are up to. Heal Fast.