Monday, August 9, 2010

Day One

Today felt like the first day of something...maybe the first day of our next adventure in life??

We are officially cleared out of the shop, the keys have been handed in and the tears have been shed! That was an all consuming process! My house is still very consumed and probably will be for a good while. 2200 sq ft of "stuff" had to go somewhere so I got a very large portion of it! There are currently 14 bags of yarn in my dining room and many - many other items from the shop.

Yesterday I went and did my first "vendor market" as My Fancy Finds! That was fun, I got to display quite a few of my favorite vintage pretties...sold a few pieces of vintage jewelry. That was fun.....didn't quite make a million dollars but made a few ladies smile!

Now was a day that I slept in as long as I wanted....which was a whopping 8AM! I let the kids sleep in until they woke up and then spent the day doing "not much" until taking the boys school shopping this evening. It was a great feeling and a great beginning.

I have many plans for my days to follow! Like cooking for my kids - again - every day that I want to!! I love cooking for my kids, I enjoy making our house a home for them, and I also enjoy the ability to create again whenever it strikes my fancy! The past 2 years (and 4 months) have made all of these things very difficult! I have loved almost every day of having our shop, but I won't miss the things that the shop made me compromise in my every day life.

I have a great plan for upcoming vendor events, some in my very own backyard! Craft events for young and old...tea parties, dinner parties, and a few other ideas tucked up in my sleeve!

Day One was a good day!

Lets hope that Day Two is as good! I have a feeling that it might be a bit more challenging...I am taking my soon to be "Freshman" - Back to School shopping. She is a difficult one to shop real "defined" style and she really has no idea what she likes....not a shopper like her 3 siblings! They all have a very clear vision for the look they are going for! I all about "eclectic" but we aren't even hitting that! I have sworn myself to not make any suggestions, because that is always the kiss of death!

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