Thursday, August 12, 2010

School shopping Marathon & My inner Funk

Shopping with my Teen was....difficult. She is the sweetest girl in the whole wide world, right up to the point where I start making "suggestions" on a new school wardrobe (or anything it seems like these days..) My visions of mommy-daughter shopping were dashed, make that slashed! But, shopping with my 10 yr old and my 4 yr old was LOTS of fun! They have a great-fun- fashion sense already!!

I took a little trip down memory lane during all of this and had a GREAT time...I discovered all my little alter ego's are still tucked away inside! ... I LOVE fun clothes, fun makeup, fun accessories, etc....I have a little Inner Funk that is always screaming to get out!

I grew up in a rural area outside of DC and Annapolis (on a farm)....I LOVE the country and have never wanted to be a City girl, but I do think that you get a bit more Fashion Forgiveness in the city.

And then, there is this Uber romantic girl tucked inside who LOVES lace, ruffles and the whole Jane Austen/Victorian era. I am a mess....Lucky for me I had a Grandmother and Mother who were very fashion savvy. They were always ahead of their time but perfectly in sync with the fashion world, if that makes any sense??? It was great! I am certain that is where it started...but I digress....

I was doing a little web-surfing and Blog jumping and came across a few things that I LOVED!! Screaming to me and my little alter personalities!!! Love the make-up here....and the name of her shop "LimeCrime"!! Love it!....

Anyway..when I was in the 8th/9th grade, Benetton and Esprit were soooo popular, along with Cyndi Lauper and Madonna, I can remember matching my eyeshadow(s) to my outfits! My stepfather was a guidance counselor at our school and he could barely deal with my daily makeup art - and it really was a work of art!!

....too many Corn Fields and not enough Fashion Magazines for everyone!
I am pretty sure that I actually wore this very look one day! I remember his face when he saw me in the hallway! lol...CLASSIC!

I actually just showed this to my Lily and asked her if she would like to wear this with a Mermaid Halloween costume...she said YES! OF Course!! Love her!
This is much more tame, I could probably pull this off on a "special" day, I mean the rhinestones might be too much for the bus stop???
And check out these - Adorable, Awesome, Outrageous hair pieces....I have always wanted extensions and lots of hair! Great Esty Shop...PuppyCatmeow!

I want one of these.....

And these....

And this one...isn't that Dreamy!?!?!

Check this bad Girl out!! Wouldn't it be AWESOME to wear this somewhere?!?!?!? This girl has some serious talent!
There are so many other Funk-a-licious items out there!

This was fun....


  1. Yes I did the same thing. The Cyndi Lauper look went over so well(like a rock) in Catholic school. I bout gave the nuns a heart attack.

  2. My daughter would totally wear the last photo of the "bad girl"! In fact I hesitate to show her the photo, as she would probably go make it for herself on her sewing machine (she already has the hat - circa 1940's!!) I am seeing some serious possibilities for your look at Silver Bella with those hair pieces :)