Thursday, June 14, 2012

20 days of Crazy

It has been 20 days since my last post...sounds like I belong at a meeting....

Within those 20 days, I have had: Broken bones, Awards Ceremonies, Baseball tournaments, Hospital stays, Formal Dances, Art show debut's, Birthdays, Concerts, and a Death to keep me busy. Quite frankly...most of those took place within a 4 day span!

This could literally be the longest blog post in history! But...Here is a brief recap (in order)....and a little more of a focus on the Birthday part!

My GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL, SWEET....AMAZING daughter turned 16 last week. I planned a surprise party - actually 2 surprises - for her and managed to pull them both off without her KNOWING anything! It was awesome!!!!

This child has brought me so much joy, frustration and love. I can't even begin to share with you how much she has made grow as a parent and a adult. I was a baby in the real world myself when I had her...22! Freshly married and still trying to make EVERYTHING perfect! We have grown together over the past 16 years.
I thought she was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen, and I still think she is beautiful! Gorgeous.... from the inside of her heart to the beautiful blonde hair!
I have a little photo collage that I did and posted on Facebook for her. And I HAVE to share the surprise video! It is hysterical! Just turn down the volume a wee bit....

And at the end of a very beautiful Birthday - there was a loss.....

My Grandfather passed away, 20 days short of his 87th Birthday.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your grandfather. May peace be with you and your family as you transition through this loss. Thinking of you!


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