Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2 Spectacular Events

Saturday held Two spectacular events...One you have already seen a few pictures of and the other was my Beautiful *growing up way toooooooo fast* daughters Homecoming. she is a freshman this year....time is flying by!

She got ready with a girlfriend so I only have a two picture spread to show!! If I was in charge of picture taking....there would be MORE!
Because I have great friends....I have a few more pictures of my big event on Saturday to show you!
The Cat Eyes glowing from the upstairs windows...Very spooooky....
Beautiful picture of the Candlelight set table...

A full view of the lit table....

Full view of my outfit!...

Off now for a few days to complete some projects that I am way behind on....see you on Friday for our LAST Frightful Friday!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Divine Witches Dinner party 2010

Please NOTE: I am NOT a witch, Nor do I believe in Witchcraft of any sort....this is a dinner party for my girlfriends during the Halloween season and we enjoy dressing up for the occasion!

Saturday night I held my annual Dinner party of the...

Divine Witches

My Mom...we were calling her the Silver Fox. She made this outfit from head to toe...the hat, the dress...everything!

This is "Esmerelda"...my mom created her and made every bit of her. My mother is a talented woman!

Me again.... I wanted to show you both the Day and Night versions of the pictures. This party is held outside under the stars and in this years case, under the Full Moon! The decor really takes on a new look at night. It is really very beautiful....if I do say so myself!
Drink Table
Drink table at nightOur photo tree during the Day...Night...Food Table at nightDaytime...Nighttime...This is what you look like at the end of the night.....lol.
Thursday, October 21, 2010

Frightful Friday...Witchy Tea Party

When did Friday get here so fast?????...


This Friday, I bring you my Little Lily's very FIRST Witch Tea Party. She WAS SOOOO EXCITED!!
Frightful Friday Photos for YOU!
The Dining room...Goody bags...Table Settings for each little witch!
Frog Nests.....Lily decorated her own cupcakes! Love it...the girl handles her sprinkles like she handles her Glitter......HEAVY handed!!

Hope your having a Fun Frightful Friday!

Saturday night lends us two great BIG events...my annual Witch Dinner Party and my daughters first Homecoming as a Freshman!
Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday, Monday

Ahh....Monday is here again! Monday always feels like complete madness around here...Getting everything cleaned up from the weekend and planned out for the week! As promised I have a heavy dose of last week...right here in this one post :)
We got "Ghosted"...we had never been ghosted before!

After visiting with a girlfriend last week who lives in a much tighter knit community than ours, Lily became fascinated with the ghost hanging on her door. After Jen explained it to Lily, it was all Lily could talk about....her fascination became an obsession!!
I was thinking I was going to have to "ghost" our own house just to make it happen for her! Luckily I have great friends and she ghosted us on Monday night...It was so fun! It was even more fun seeing how excited Lily was! She couldn't have been any happier.

We made a trip to the Pumpkin Patch....another first with Lily. Yes, she is 4....she prefers to grow her own or buy them at the local little market.

She is a silly child!

Last year she refused to go on her preschool trip to the pumpkin patch. She told me and everyone else who asked her that she had her own pumpkin patch in the backyard and didn't need to go! So there....lol. It was actually really tough, it was all part of her separation issues last year...remember, she quit school...at 3! This year we seemed to have turned a corner! YEAH!!!

My Finds Finds opened it's first booth at an Antique mall this week. I need a bigger space, but it is a start! I also need more shelving!

Yesterday we were Vendors at The Oyster Festival. It was an absolutely beautiful day, the best weather we have had in the 3 years we have done this festival! My phone died so there is not a picture to prove it! lol... We sold 3 of my mom's custom witch hats - that was great!! They are so beautiful! Hopefully she will be able to sell the last 4 she has before Halloween! You can see them over here.....My Fancy Finds blog
Tuesday, October 12, 2010

T on Tuesday

Today is Tuesday
Today was torture...not really but it rhymed...and I did have to drive 2 1/2 hours each way to the Doctors for my son!
I have TOO much going on right now....
So, I am going to need TO....
Take a "Time out"...
"Tap out"...
Take a Break....
Tune in later....
Take a Breather....
Tell all my stories NEXT week!
I have so many fun things to share.....check in with me on Monday. Here is what will be on the list:
Getting "Ghosted"
A Festival that we are a vendor at this weekend
A little witch tea party
A trip to the pumpkin patch
My new booth at the Antique Mall
Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Madness and a linky!

I am feeling a little Monday Madness.....
My mother laughed at me and said I had a "Crazy-eye" going on today!
I was frantically working on a slew of projects!
Samples (prototypes...lol) for my final swap projects....purses, crowns, packets of trim and my arch Nemesis.....Millinery! I knew I was pushing myself on that one!!!
I FINALLY dropped off my invitations tonight for The Witches Divine Dinner Party! Just a little behind on that one.....they are, however, my favorites!! They consisted of two tags and a skeleton with a toe-tag for an address label.
I used several different mediums to make these tags; Tim Holtz stamps, a picture from The Graphics Fairy, Stampin'Up stamp, silk millinery flowers, ribbon, dollar store skeletons, artificial branches....and my absolute favorite...Glow in the Dark glitter from Martha Stewart!

I used this picture from The Graphics Fairy and am linking this to her...Brag Monday

I WANT to show you snippets from the other projects but I just can't....too much of a spoiler! I will say this...the Crown is shaping up to be AWESOME! I am in total trim heaven putting together my swap pieces for that....I can't wait for Silver Bella! Only 30 days until I will be in Omaha!
Friday, October 8, 2010

Frightful Friday..#2

It is late, but it is still Friday! My Frightful Friday offering....Scarecrows!

We made Scarecrows yesterday with the cutest little people in the world! Lily had a few of her friends from school come over to join in the fun. There was a lot more stuffing going on by the parents than by the kiddos...but it was fun either way!

Our finished product....

Planning on finishing the front porch tomorrow...more pumpkins needed!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wednesday Whimsy

..30 Minutes early

OK, technically it is still Tuesday for another 30 minutes but I need to get to bed! ;)
I am using my recent swap boxes as my Whimsy for this Wednesday!
They were all soooo great and full of whimsical and awesome Halloween goodies!
I loved them!
First let me show you the ones I made....
This was for LuLu....she likes her Halloween a little scarier than me..so I used a skull that was a little creepy to decorate her box.

Now these boxes started off as cardboard cigar boxes, available VERY inexpensive at a local smoke shop!

I painted, distressed and then dressed it all up!
My second box was done for Tabitha...she likes her Halloween a little Diva-licous!...just like me!

I had fun decorating her box with a blingy skull.

Sadly....her cute little crown came off before she made it to Tabitha!

Their boxes were so stuffed I could barely get them to shut!

I got the BEST swap boxes in return!! I will show you tomorrow...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Makeover Monday

A little makeover for Monday!
Remember this horse collection that I picked up on a recent treasure hunt?

Well, here they are all made up and pretty in pink!!!

Here is the painting reframed in a frame that I picked up for .25 cents!! It was silver, I painted it PINK...of course. All of the horses were mine when I was little.

This is the brown plaster horse that had a beer cap as a hanger. Doesn't she look pretty in pink???This is yet another frame from a treasure hunt...it was a very strange golden brown but had the prettiest flower detail, which you can't really see in the picture. But, AGAIN...PINK makes it all much better!

I love Pink...and a can of spraypaint! Total makeover.....


Good Ol' Mother Nature is giving our area quite the Makeover!! Check out this picture of the water at the end of our street! It is crazy around here....

9" total in 24 hours!

And, guess what??? It is POURING out again! Planning on raining for the next three days! Fine by me...plenty of time to be in The Glitter Lounge!

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