Monday, February 22, 2010

New Shoes for my baby...

What do you do when your Princess wears out the fronts of her FAVORITE hot pink shoes???

Little E600 and lots of Sequins!

I am pretty sure we all need a pair of these!
Saturday, February 20, 2010
Like most everyone else in the Nation (most everyone ) we have been watching the Olympics. It is so awe inspiring to see these athletes reaching for their dreams. I cried the other night watching the US Skier trying to talk about her run while she was coming to the realization that she had just accomplished her Olympic dream. Amazing!

Their Passion is beautiful. Their dreams are in our hearts right now...I love it.
Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Already??

For the past 3 weeks I have wanted to participate in this little blog above...and I have been creating away for Valentines and during our Blizzard of 2010 (BIG news in these parts!)...only to forget to post anything until about 2am on Tuesday morning!

Don't get me wrong, I think about it earlier and then I get a little wrapped up in the Blizzard that we have been dealing with...the kids being out of school for what seems like an eternity..and then there is the shop + Blizzard of 2010 that is burning a hole in my head.

It is sad really....and I am frustrated in a funny kinda way!

So here are a few pictures of some of my recent creations!
Valentine's Cards for a few special people..
Flower Pins ...

Fondant Wrapped Oreo's

Sugar Cookies..

Cozy little neck warmer! Love is so warm!

There have been a few more, I will try to get them up soon.

AND!!! I have spent much time getting my Etsy shop pictures done. I should have the shop fully stocked and ready to run by the end of this week! Very excited. Need a few extra pennies these days!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am "SNOW" over it...

We are in the middle of another Blizzard in the matter of days. Mother Nature barely gave us a break! We made it through the first one without anybody having to eat straight peanut butter. There were some serious damages from the first storm. It dumped 30+ inches of snow on us. CRAZY! Our little grocery store lost the entire from of the building because the awning collapsed. We lost a few days of business at our store...but luckily our roof held. Big concern considering it is FLAT!
That is the awning sticking up out of the pile of rubble and snow!

I never did get out and play in the snow.. part of me regrets it, the other part (the warm part...) not so much. Here are a few of the sites from Storm 1.....Mostly taken from my Craft Room window, the back door or in the house. Again, not going out in that nonsense!

This is the view from my craft room. It is a little deep on top of the car there!

We woke up to this on the windows...Snow! Stuck to the screens, it was blowing so hard all night long.

The girls playing in the snow. Lily is so tiny the snow was past her waist! She came in right after this picture was taken. In fact Bree is yelling that Lily wants to come in..

This is our walkway out you see how deep that snow it???

Inside we were much cozier...I had these pretty things to look at and work with in my craft room....all was good on my end.

Remember the flower pins I posted about? Well here are few that I made. I did change up a few things after I made a couple. I found a technique I liked a little better for putting them together when you use different patterns for the petals.

I made a mistake on one of them....can you figure out which one?? That is the "beauty" of being interrupted 122 times by a four year old. You lose your place....alot.....

Mother Nature is supposed to give us another "dusting" on Monday.......WHY!!!! The Governor lost his cool a little bit today and said..."Don't even start with that....why can't you pave my roads down to the asphalt....just, Don't even start with that!" It was a little funny. You could see the "father" in him coming right out! Loved it!

I think the guys driving all those plows are doing the best that they can!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Darn Snow!!

We are officially in the middle of the "Blizzard of 2010".... We are only in day one and we are surrounded by 30+ inches of snow...

The kids have already eaten their weight in Chex Mix and Tortilla Chips. They have found my stash of Diet Cokes and depleted it....I have used the last can of EVERYTHING in the pantry for fear that we are going to lose electricity. We are down to 1/2 gallon of milk and a 1/2 loaf of bread.....It is a good think that the kids like Peanut Butter because that and a spoon might be all that is left after today!

Things are getting desperate!

This is CRAZY!

Thank goodness for my craft room.....I am shutting the door and locking it....
Friday, February 5, 2010

Flowers in February

I linked to a flower tutorial the other day that was really is one of them finished. I can't post anymore because they are going to be gifts but I think it turned out really cute. Both my girls want one...lucky for them, they will be getting one for Valentines Day!

I started with the paper template...

But then I transferred the pattern onto this stabilizing paper just because it was easier than working with the paper flower cut outs for me.

Sewed the backing onto the felt and then just glued the felt piece to the flower..this is something I would NOT normally do. I would normally hand sew it all the way around but this was cheap felt and I was afraid if I sewed the entire thing it would rip. I HEART real felt but just don't have any right now.
This is the stack of fabrics that I am ready to get started with ! I have some serious flowers to make!

I am adding a pretty pincushion to my list of projects for the weekend. I hate that red tomato one!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


We are getting SLAMMED with another Winter Storm. I have spent all my home hours up in my craft studio making Valentines gifts and making my way downstairs to make dinner, snacks and check in on the crew. Hubby has a nice fire going in the fire place and the kids are just roaming and enjoying the crazy snow and all the excitement that it brings.

Who doesn't love "finding" something they forgot they had?? ...Always puts a smile on my face! I was using one of my little cameras to take pictures of the flowers I made for Valentines day and came across these pictures of my daughter and I in New York City from the summer. We went up for a trade show and spent a girls weekend with my mom, my daughter and I. It was a whirlwind and I forgot she had used this camera while we were there.

These pictures put such a smile on my face. She is a BEAUTIFUL girl and she is growing up so fast! This is a difficult time - at times - because she is testing the waters of being a teenage girl. We have had a few "attitude" conversations but then I see pictures like this and I remember what a sweetheart she really is!

And now, I also miss the sunshine and a tan!
Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentines On the mind

The snow arrived verrrryyyy slooowwwlllly..... not really what the kids in mind!

Glad I didn't hit the grocery store, much better time was spent at home...on the computer searching for Vintage Valentines Images and washing fabric. I finished a shirt that I was working on for Lily. She is such a peanut that I am going to need to take it in again in the shoulders....she is like this teeny tiny little pixie!! I make a 2t and it is too short, I make a 3t and it is like a potatoe sack! Geeshhhh!

I found sooooo many cute things! I think I overloaded my computer with images and downloads!

Here are some of my favorites:

Paper Dolls!! Love Paper dolls and Lily spent much time trying to cut their little outfits out just right.

These are the Betsy McCall ones, very cute. Never heard of them before but they are cute!

(She scored VERY high in the fine motor skills portion of her recent 3yr preschool progress report....Big Wink for ya! HeeHee.. But no joke, she really did....)

Then I found these great images! I have big plans for some of them. I also used this tutorial last night and made a few of them.....I am planning a really cute combination of the both for Valentines Day for all my girls!

Download the PDF here....and please link any and all credit for that Tut to Wise Craft. I am very grateful to people who do what I can't do....make those blasted little PDF's!!

Check out some of these images! Feel free to lift any of them that you like. I found most of them at the site I listed yesterday and a few just by surfing the net.

Finally came up with my plan for Lily's Valentines for her class. Very cute!! I love being inspired!


More snow is headed our way! They are calling for snow tonight and then major snow all weekend....crazy! I love snow, but only so much...

While everyone I am sure is out at the grocery store - I am washing fabrics and getting patterns ready. I plan to sew, sew, sew while it Snows, Snows, Snows!!!

I am stuck with two different knitting patterns right now so I am returning to my sewing roots. I had plans to go scrapbooking this weekend, wonder if the snow is going to screw that up?? Valentines projects are on my agenda, luckily I have all the glitter and supplies I need here so no more trips to the store in the snow.

I am still searching for the perfect Vintage image for Valentines Cards - so many to chose from but one just hasn't jumped out at me yet! I found so many here and last year I found several here. Just too many options for my Craft ADD!!

Tomorrow I will show you more of my favorite valentine links. So many to chose from!!
Monday, February 1, 2010

What we do for Love

What I won't do for my Love of fabric.....On Saturday a "minor dusting" of snow turned into a pretty hefty snowstorm, dropping 6" of snow on the ground in the matter of an hour.

But...I had the opportunity to go to my favorite little quilt shop WITHOUT 3 of my crew, I was half way there after Jacobs basketball game, so I went for it!

I drove through this.....

And in the end....It was NOT a successful trip. In fact after taking 1 hour to complete a drive that usually only takes 20 minutes I arrived to find the shop closed! I was so bummed!! I had even called twice on the way to see if they were still there.

Oh, Well....I did spend quality time with Jacob. We enjoyed it, he kept telling me I was crazy and I just kept agreeing.

I really needed that Pink Fabric! Darn Mother Nature!! Oh how these snow storms remind me of why I LOVE Spring and Summer!!

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