Friday, August 26, 2011

Little "Pre" School project

In preparation for Kindergarten we needed to work on our sight words so we didn't fall behind!! Lily and I turned the "work" into a little crafty project!!

Everyone else might have just plain little pieces of paper with some black letters...but not mine! We have vintage playing cards with our sight words stuck to them!!!

We ran them through the Xyron to make them all nice and sticky...

 And stuck them to the cards! I was a little sad to cover up the cute little snoopy, but the other side was just as cute...maybe snoopy is now a sight word!

I punched a hole in the top corner and attached them to a ring - WhaLa...sight words! Now I can just add more words to the ring! when I need to!

The lighting is horrible in The Glitter Lounge right now ( it has a new location ), I need to find an electrician! Another project to add to the "After kids return to school - To Do - list"!
Thursday, August 25, 2011

Today...was the day

Today was the day that Lily "Officially" started heart hurts! I cried..... She did pretty on the hand, I had to leave the bus stop as soon as she boarded.... I was crying.
 I am pretty sure I saw the bus driver give some instruction to the other Kindergarten parent but I couldn't go back..

She was Adorable of course in one of her new school outfits! This morning I asked her what she was most excited about for her new school...she said..."wearing all my new clothes!".

That's my girl!

Every day will be a little different now...NONE of my kids are home with me during the day now. For the past 15 years I have had a small person by my side for all or most part of my day. There have of course been some "Ugly" days along the way where you can't believe that this is what you have signed up for...but I have NEVER been one of those Mom's who was ready for all my kids to be in school so I could do my "own thing". I actually heard a mom say that the other day and I thought to myself...Wow..that is not at ALL how I am feeling!

Not judging someone Else's feelings, those are just not the feelings I have about my kids all being gone.

Life just keeps going...faster and faster each day.

My oldest is in the 10th grade...that means only 2 more years before she will leave me and go to College!!! AGGHHH...

My boys are in Middle school together...voices are changing, their getting bigger..taking on more grownup features.
I can't take it...thank goodness they still tell me they love me and give me hugs and kisses!!!

And, baby is in school...ALL DAY LONG!!!

Guess, I better find something to do with myself in The Glitter Lounge!
Monday, August 8, 2011

Long ago and Far Away..

I used to visit my little blog almost every day...then my crazy life got in the way!!

So much has been happening - so much that I wish I had written down! 

Spring sports, Promotion from Elementary School to Middle School, Pre-School Graduations
Blueberry Picking, Garden Harvesting, Festivals, Summer Sunburns, Birthdays, Summer Sundays....and the list goes on!

Way too much to is a little recap in pictures

Pre-School Graduation

My soon to be Kindergartener....where has my time gone!

5th Grade Promotion

Strawberry Festival
The ONLY two strawberries I was able to get from my plants...the others were consumed by my puppies, my Lily and the squirrels....

 Summer Sunday's...

I hope everyone is having a Fabulous Summer!!!

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