Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Lovin' & Livin'

Summer is just rolling along and almost over! I have been having lots of fun (I think) with my kids this summer....hope they agree! I really love the lifestyle of summer...easy breezy...not as many deadlines or "rules". However...not much of a breeze this summer! It has been HOT and MUGGY!
We have been to the beach again, had birthday's and baseball tournaments in the DOG DAYS OF Summer heat, Fished, Crabbed, endured a CRAZY  power outage, held a Craft-tastic Art Camp, and enjoyed a few Lazy Day's of Summer! I'd say we've had an active summer!

I'm a little sad that it has been SOOO hot and humid this summer! We haven't been able to enjoy our backyard Movie Nights like we usually do! Too hot! We have only done one movie all summer!!! I think it will be getting plenty of use this Fall...I hope!

Here are a few pictures of our summer. Don't want to forget these days!

Off to go enjoy a few more days of summer break!

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