Monday, December 6, 2010

Dinner, Decorating and Family fun

This weekend was filled with all of the above. Dinner out with my hubby for his birthday, then hanging out with some of our friends...always fun!

On Saturday we went as a family to the dreaded Mall...I know...can you believe it?? We didn't actually buy anything, we just wandered. Not exactly the best time to wander when there are hundreds of people in that frenzied state of mind for holiday buying. But we had fun...

We puttered and decorated around the house all day Sunday, it was fun to have nothing to do but hang out together. I will have a few pictures to share with you tomorrow.

For now, it is off to the store to try to get some meals cooked for the week. Don't forget to pop over to Hayden's Hungry for a few Festive or Cozy recipes. On this weeks Menu ~ Hearty Chili, Cozy Chicken pot pie, and Russian Tea Cookies


  1. We finished all our Christmas shopping today! No crowds to fight was wonderful!

    Merry Merry!