Friday, December 10, 2010

A Few of my Favorites

Sharing a few of my favorite little spots in the house right now. Usually I do different - but coordinating - themes all through the house. This year I went with a few favorites instead....and decided that I had a problem with buying Christmas decorations! I put away 7 HUGE boxes of decorations without even touching them.

My mantel at night (before putting my nativity scene up)...these tall "candles" are from an auction we went to last year. Lily spotted them and had to have them. We got them for $5!!! I love them!! I switched out the bulbs and put all white in, I love their golden glow they give off.
They had colored bulbs in at first and they looked magical to her... She wanted them in her room year round... 
The hall holds the Advent calendar and this is Lily's favorite spot in the entire house because every morning the Christmas Fairy has left her a little treat in there.
The Dining room has one of my vintage houses and a sparkly silver and white vignette.
 I have more of these little houses but they live upstairs in my craft room (year round)....
I love the little pink sparkly houses and trees!
The dining room also has a tree...Lily's tree. NOBODY is allowed to put anything on Lily's tree unless Lily approves it....I think I have a problem with this little person.... But her love of glitter, big blue eyes and genuine Cuteness saves her! How many little four year olds do you know that want vintage hankies folded up and stuffed in their tree????

I can't show you a picture of our tree yet....realized after taking pictures that I needed to make a few adjustments.
But..I will show you something I found on my tree! My mother and I have a little bit of a running joke/dialogue about how she is little by little unloading her house into my house (which is much smaller than hers!!)

I was sitting there last night and almost choked when I saw would you like to see this staring at you from your Christmas tree???
Freaks me out a bit...
There is a funny story behind these clown ornaments...I will share later.

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  1. I love your decor! Beautiful...thanks for giving us a tour.