Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Work in Progress

I have several little projects going on right now. I need to figure out "exactly" what I will be making this year for everyone and who everyone is...sometimes I forget who all needs to be on our list. That is never good!

I took a page from Karla Nathan about bleaching Christmas trees from the craft store. I have a growing collection of bottle brush tree's and my collections growing even bigger now!! I have so many plans for these little trees! I can tell you right now that "place cards" for Lily's Snow Princess Tea party is one of the plans....this is not the best picture, but you get the point!

I also worked on an Art Journal...I thought it would be fun to participate in one of Jessica Spragues online classes. This was a free one and I thought it would get me motivated on the rest of my Christmas projects. I love having a notebook or sketch book  handy to write down all my ideas/thoughts...there is always one in my purse.
The first 2 days were The Cover and a Dedication page

The best part about Jessica's online class is she did all the work for everyone....everyone except me that is because I am a "Digi-moron" when it came to getting the pages she made to scale down. I decided to just work with what I know best...paper, and embellishments! I had all the paper and embellishments on hand so this is a $$ free project for me. She recommends a bigger journal, but I like the 5X8 size so I can throw it in my bag. 
Let's see....what else have I been working on???

Tearing my house apart trying to decorate....
Posting some yummy recipes on Hayden's blog....
Thrifting and Treasure hunting! Man did I score some goodies this week!!

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