Monday, December 13, 2010

A few Christmas wishes

We all have them...that little wish list...or maybe not so little??

You'll notice that my lists are all over the place...obviously some are things I will never really get...just fun to think about!

I love this artist...and I love these prints. Check her etsy shop out!

And since this is Wish List....I would LOVE to have this under the tree!! But...I am not sure I have anywhere to where it....

I am a lover of Anthropologie - but can never bring myself to buy much more than tiny things....I would love ~ love to have any of these beauties...but they are NOT practical for my daily life so I know that they would not end up under my tree...again it is a WISH list!

These I could see getting some use out of...and I love the sock/skirt/shoe combo....

NOW....I may get these under the tree! I need a few replacements...all my little bowls took a beating this year and my mug got chipped recently. I love pretty coffee mugs - go figure - and always enjoy a new one. I am also a sucker for Monograms!

Another favorite....Ruche. Such cute clothes and much more affordable! How cute is this green sweater?? Under $45 too...might have to be removed from the wish list to the MINE list....

 This jacket is adorable! I love the entire collection that it is paired with in the catalog...check it out. Click on the jacket and it will take you right to it.

And for the Whimsical side of me....
How cute are these little candy canes...handmade and super cute!
5 Custom Artisan Candy Canes, Skinny size, Your choice of color and flavor (all one color and flavor)

This would be so fun behind my couch!

or this...
Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Art - Merry Christmas - Holiday Decorations

How about some Eye Candy...fancy shimmering shades for our eyeballs!
HOLIDAY SALE - Holiday Glam Collection - 7 Limited Edition Eye Candy Shadows and Deluxe Starry Eyes Serum


  1. I am with you your taste in fashion and in mugs.

  2. Those shoes..oh...those shoes...yummy!!!:-)