Thursday, December 2, 2010


I had a few emails/questions that I wanted to clarify regarding our Handmade Christmas.

1. No, my kids don't feel deprived
2. No, my kids do not spoil "Santa" for anyone else
3. We do "buy" gifts...
4. YES, I do shop at chain stores when I need to....geesh!
5. We try to give at least 1 handmade gift to everyone that is on our list, and we sometimes include a handmade item with a purchased item.

We support as many local businesses and Artisans as possible!

Our point was to cut down on all the "Stuff" that is given at Christmas. To remember what the "Meaning" of  Christmas is and get to the meat and potatoes of what they really wanted. 

Also, I would rather my kids give a gift from their heart, made from their hands and their imaginations than go buy some "thing" from a store.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Thanks Sweetie, for you comment!

    Trust me, I was as different from my own mom as night is to day,,,,,and yet I loved her and as stated MISS her so! Learn what you can in the time you have together.....that is precious. Let the little stuff go.

    I SO wish you the Best......and our family creates our Roots,,,,not matter how hard we try and re plant them. Learn and grow!

    Hugs and Love!