Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Hat and W.I.P.

I have been on a bit of a knit/crochet kick lately...probably because I am avoiding cleaning up the mess below!!

This is what happens when a glitter obsessed 5 year old is left alone in your craft room while your at work....her father had some 'esplaining' to do....

Here is a new hat that I made...this is take 2...the first one became Bree's...her head is a tad bigger than mine and the hat came out much bigger than I anticipated.

I am helping out a friend today and watching her two little ones. A quick fix for the baby blues I have been having since Lily turned 5. I am only 3 hours into it the day with them and I am already cured! Wink, wink...

I am also in the process of writing my blog post for the One World One Heart blog event....hope to get that posted by Thursday.

Hey! Check out my friend Karla's blog giveaway...she is the cutest thing you'll ever meet!! Love her and what she can do with an old sweater...or two!


  1. omg I must have one of those hats!!! so pretty and cool too!! must must must! Needa hot pink one!! lol big black flower!! ;)

  2. Such a cute hat! And you make it sound so easy. We're snowed in and I had hoped to craft all day but nothing is coming to me. It will hit around 10pm!

    Thanks for the musical inspiration, too. I downloaded Amos Lee after hearing him on your blog.

  3. Hey, that looks like my glittery mess and I don't even have a 5 year old! How are you girl? Chicago is getting some of your kinda snow tonite. Give me your address, I wanna send you a Valentine! I'm at juliejones629@yahoo.com