Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jumpin' in....PMOT

I have always loved Jenny Holiday and her adorable work...I have been a lurker of hers for some time...and decided to join in on her "PMOT" challenge. What does PMOT stand for????
Putting myself out There....

You know...like in pictures - of yourself - on your blog,
Facebook, etc. and other things....say "submitting" some of your projects to certain publications???
That is my big one for 2011...challenging myself to actually "Put myself" out there! This was a private goal for me this year and after I read Jenny's post, it seemed like it was meant to be..
SO....it is time to PMOT!!
I find myself reverting back to removing myself from pictures lately. I know it is because I have gained back *significant* weight over the past year and I am pretty bummed about it...but, enough is enough. I have already started making changes with that situation...and now I have decided that I am going to PMOT...no matter what!

So here I am in all my tired glory...still in one of my 3 layers of shirts from work...nice BLEMISH on my face (when do we stop getting those????) and my crazy hair....funny story there!

Hope it doesn't offend anyone...but I don't know why it would?? It didn't offend me!

Yesterday a lady asked me if my hair was "naturally curly", I replied yes...but that normally I just straighten it. At which point she replied...."You must have some black  in you!" ...I just started laughing and said, she must be right because my favorite uncle had a blazing red Afro when I was a little girl!   It was really funny...I love people!!

Check out the BEAUTIFUL Jenny Holiday and her campaign to PMOT


  1. Hello Beautiful!!!!! :)

    Totally psyched to have you in my PMOT crew!!! :)

    And I'm happy to have your blog to visit now! :)

    Here's to a fabbb 2011!!!

    xoxo Jenny

  2. Hooray for you -- super awesome crafty Mama!!!! Sheesh, the photo of your tired glory sure beats photos of my tired bu** anyday! :)