Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Handmade Holidays and Decorating 2011

Once again we are taking the pledge to participate in a Handmade Christmas Holiday. This is not our first year and it won't be the last! Of course there are a few items that I can't make, you know the electronic variety, but Santa usually brings those in his sleigh!

I read a really interesting blog post about taking the Handmade Pledge for gift buying, and I really wish I could find it! I would love to share it with you. I can summarize that the blog post talked about how it can be difficult to really follow through with this type of pledge, but to do the best you can. I am sure I didn't do the post justice with that summarizing...but, you get the point!

On to Christmas decorating....
The day before Thanksgiving the girls and I spent a few hours in The Glitter Lounge (my craft room) and made a few fun little things! I gave them their choice of plates or cake stands and then let them loose in the boxes and cabinets to make their own little Christmas scene. It was fun to see them get all glittery and covered in glue.

Then the day after Thanksgiving, we rearranged furniture and set the tree up. Fun stuff!! Ordered pizza, jammed to the Christmas music, etc. As you can see, Lily is giving her best to the Christmas music!

Trees (2) done and the mantel before calling it quits for the evening! I have a little left to do, but the big stuff is done!

More Holiday fun to come tomorrow!

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