Thursday, February 24, 2011

An empty nest

I have entered the first stage of an "empty nest"....

Yesterday I spent the entire day in my craft room/studio. It was really nice, but also a tad bit lonely....I was enjoying the silence when I noticed Lily's little bird next to me at my work table. I realized at that moment that not only was I working nicely in silence, but I was also by myself...this made me sad....

It dawned on me that in 6 short months my baby will be headed off to full day of Kindergarten. I will enter the stage in life that a few short years ago I thought would never happen....all my kids will be in school, all day long! What???

I was lonely...

Today Lily decided that she wanted to stay for a "long" day at preschool, so instead of 2 hours of school she went for 5 1/2....most weeks I can barely get her to go all three days! It was a taste of the future. She will be gone for 7 1/2 hours a day next year!

I have friends who are just starting their families and here mine is growing up so fast! Bree will be 15 in 3 months, and Lily will start Kindergarten in 6...Really, where has the time gone????

When I picked her up from school today I squeezed on her like she was a piece of fruit...she has always fit my hip or my tummy like a perfect puzzle piece when I hold her. I don't know if I will be able to handle the day that she is too big for me to hold! I always say that Lily completed our circle of "love"..she was my final piece. She is perfect to me, and I cherish the moments I have with her like no other.

It is no secret that I have had the baby blues lately, I don't want to have any more, I just don't want my babies to be so grown up....

These cute little birdies left my nest today, and I am not looking forward to any of the "real" birdies to leave for good.....
These are my "birds" for Jennifer's swap...I made a nest out of shredded sheet music, book pages, and sewing patterns then painted, and distressed some little wooden birds. I added some vintage lace as wings and a few flower petals as a crown. I hope my fellow swap partners like them...they were a labor of love!


  1. You're bringing tears to my eyes...My youngest went to Kindergarten this past fall, and to be perfectly honest, I was a mess. At the same time, my husband took a new job which meant he would only be home every other week. Well, it's almost the end of February, and I'm still adjusting to all the alone time. I think the biggest, and the strangest, change there has been in me, is that I'm not as finicky of a housekeeper. When everyone was home, I was constantly tidying up and putting toys away. Today, there are toys and games out here and there throughout the house, and I want them there. It feels like I get a little taste of their presence each time I walk by one of their little 'messes'.
    All the best to you, and when it comes to dealing with the constant change that is life...well, I send you a big hug. (be sure to send one back, I think I may need one)

  2. When Jed, my youngest, went to school full day I didn't know what to do with myself. Spent quite a bit of time in Target! Didn't really know what to do with the long day that stretched ahead of me. Even tried working as a preschool teacher for a period of time so I could be around little ones until the kids finally got home at 3:00 and their voices filled my quiet house back up.

    Now with my oldest getting ready to go off to college next year I'm sure I'll go through another similar phase. Wish I had great words of comfort and wisdom to share with you.

    Just try to focus and relish the growing independence of Lily...her entry into the wonderful world of learning about different types of people, thoughts, and experiences---That's what I try to do...(P.S. Copy and paste this paragraph and send it to me in August when Sam leaves for college!!)

    And, just gotta say that I love that birdie and cannot wait to see the little sweetie in person! Finally mailed my birds off to Jennifer today too.