Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Big 5

Lily's actual birthday was yesterday. I can't believe she is 5...I feel like we have crossed out of the "little" ~ toddler phase and are officially in the "kid" stage.

There is no going back...she is growing up,they all are, but she is my baby,...and I can't stand it!
...I have been scanning over pictures of her from the past several years. I am amazed at how much she continues to change and become more beautiful with each day.

Her imagination grows just as much as she does...she is a creative little bean with so much energy, and HI-larious antics! You would not believe some of the stuff she comes up with...I know we can't believe it half the time!
Follow me on a little stroll down memory lane if you will....

2007 ~ First birthday (dinosaur poster for her brothers party)

Spring ~ Summer of 2008

 Thanksgiving 2008

Apple Picking 2009
 Classic Lily look 2010

 Late summer early Fall 2010

 Christmas 2010

Some of my favorites this year....

Thanks for sharing in my memories....


  1. Cute...cute...cute!! Loved the facebook photos of the princess party...

  2. She is such a doll. I just ADORE that age. My niece is turning 7 in many similar photos. Bikinis at that age are priceless!