Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Snow Princess and Cinderella

I fell off the blog planet for a brief time ~it was all for a good reason....I got wrapped up planning and creating a Winter Wonderland in my house for a special little Princess who will be turning 5 very shortly.

We planned a Snow Princess Party and invited Cinderella to attend along with Lily's best little girlfriends. I scooped up tons of silver and snowflake decorations right around Christmas when everything was going on sale and added it to my stash of holiday decorations. It turned out magical...everything a little girl could possibly hope for!

We had PB&J's shaped like snowflakes
Snowball Meringues
Strawberries covered in Snow (powdered sugar)
Cupcakes with Marshmallow frosting
Birds nests filled with chocolate eggs
& Princess Punch
Here is the Grand tour.... 

Cinderella was absolutely Beautiful & Magical!!! Her arrival threw Lily for a loop...she was  incredibly overwhelmed and became the shy Lily we all know to well. Thankfully when we were taking pictures she had warmed up to her, but when Cinderella was singing to her, she could barely look at her...Cinderella was very understanding because she actually knows Lily first hand (she never even recognized her the entire time she was here!!!) and we had discussed what we thought would happen. After Cinderella left ~ Lily never stopped talking about her...literally! I think she fell asleep talking, lol.


  1. is neat that the REAL Cinderella came. She is amazing. Everything looked just magiacal. What a special party. Good job!

  2. Oh, to be a five-year-old princess with such a wonderful mom! Looks like you made it totally magical for her and her little friends. Hope you're all staying warm there!

  3. Sooo precious. My little girl will be 5 in August and she would totally flip if Cinderella showed up. Your house looks amazing and that food! Can you come out in August and help me? Please? Wow wee.

  4. Heather,
    You get the good mommy award this week. What a fantastic party for Lily. I love looking at the pictures of the arrival of Cinderella and it certainly didn't take very long for Lily to get over her shyness and become comfortable with Cinderella. Your treats and decorations are just perfect. Love the snow. You did good, sweetie!

  5. You are the best Mamma EVER. Hands down.


  6. Oh wow, Lily will always remember this party, when her very own mommy knew Cinderella well enough to invite her, too! :) Magical decorations, too!