Friday, January 21, 2011

A Proper Birthday dedication post

I discovered that last year I didn't give my son a proper Birthday Dedication on this here blog...what kind of mother am I????

So, without further a-do....

Jacob; AKA ~ The Senator turns 13 today. He is a FINE example of a young man. Insanely smart, SUPER sweet, such a good kid. Finding his way into the depths of adolescence. I know that he is going to be such a wonderful man that I feel it is only right to let me keep him a "little boy" just a while longer!!! Why won't anyone cooperate with me on keeping these kids from growing up on me?!?!?!

Jacob came into this world wrapped in the Wings of an Angel ~ spent a week in the NICU and beat some pretty mean odds. I used to snuggle him when he was a baby like someone was trying to rip him away from me...I never wanted to let go of the little bugger.

Last year for his birthday I took a picture that spoke a MILLION words....I want to you to look at it and tell me if you don't think it looks like he has little Angels flying in a halo around his head or all the beautiful wishes that are coming from his cake....

It is getting harder to get pictures of my fine young man, but I have managed to snap a few along the way. He is so handsome....I love that freckled little face!!

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