Monday, October 25, 2010

Divine Witches Dinner party 2010

Please NOTE: I am NOT a witch, Nor do I believe in Witchcraft of any sort....this is a dinner party for my girlfriends during the Halloween season and we enjoy dressing up for the occasion!

Saturday night I held my annual Dinner party of the...

Divine Witches

My Mom...we were calling her the Silver Fox. She made this outfit from head to toe...the hat, the dress...everything!

This is "Esmerelda" mom created her and made every bit of her. My mother is a talented woman!

Me again.... I wanted to show you both the Day and Night versions of the pictures. This party is held outside under the stars and in this years case, under the Full Moon! The decor really takes on a new look at night. It is really very beautiful....if I do say so myself!
Drink Table
Drink table at nightOur photo tree during the Day...Night...Food Table at nightDaytime...Nighttime...This is what you look like at the end of the


  1. This looks like you all had so much fun! Your Mom is so talented and lovely. You looked absolutely beautiful! LOL @ the last picture...too much grape juice? *giggle*


  2. looks like you had a ball. wish you lived closer.
    are you knee deep in swaps like me?
    xxxx's tabitha

  3. What a great themed event...Love your mother's ensemble...Very cool...

  4. Good times....good times! Like I said last night about the hats, go big or go home!!