Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Life in Reverse...Part 1

It is Monday, ALREADY, and I can't believe how much was packed into one little weekend!

Jacob and I waiting for the 2nd Championship Game of the Day!

This is going to be a 3 part series with one change-up thrown in...because I can't wait to show you a sneak peak at my Petite Inspiration boxes!!

Yesterday was a BIG day here!

*We had a Championship tournament game for our 12 year old son, Jacob.

*It was my now 10 year old son, Hayden's Birthday
*It was the day we were taking Hayden to "sleepover" camp, for the first time EVER...this was unbearable for me!
*It was my oldest daughter, Breeanna's Championship game for her team.
*It was Fathers Day!
Now That, is a lot to do in one day! I am starting with the one that ended last in the day...

Bree's Championship game! Which they WON!!!!! 7 very strong innings of great playing from all the girls, and my daughter made the final... game! We have taught our kids not to boast or brag about anything that they may have done out on the field so they don't make someone else feel bad...but tonight I am telling you that Bree made the game-ending, game-winning play!!!
I am her mother, I get to do that once and a while!! After all I labored for 3 very long day with her!!

She caught the line drive to short-stop and then threw the runner out at first! So exciting!!! She was on cloud 9 and so was her father....couldn't have been a better Father's Day gift!!!

Good Thing because I didn't exactly arrive to the party with a gift...Sorry Honey!

One VERY happy family...

missing one very well loved boy!! Hope your having fun at Camp, Hayden!

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