Saturday, June 19, 2010

Baseball, Baseball...SOFTBALL

All three of my older kids play on "Select" teams...fancy word for drive more, practice more and sweat more....Warming up before the playoff game...having fun with her mustache.. daughter's team won their Championship for the entire NCLL (North Calvert Little League) last week and will be playing for the Championship of the entire County tomorrow night. I love her coach, he is a wonderful, soft-spoken, supportive man who has taken these girls all the way to the very top! It is our first year with this team and I am so impressed with brings tears to my eyes to see her out there. I get so choked up seeing her up there on the mound or out in the field and have to stop talking...NOT talking, that is a BIG accomplishment for me...

I see the power she possesses up there and I glow from the inside out. I have always worked towards my daughter being strong and powerful and independent...she is completely in her element when she is on the Softball field. (Her true love is baseball, but the "men" say she has to play softball...big bullies!!)
She is one of those players that just oozes the sport....she shares this with one of her brothers. One of the "Dad's" from another team was overheard saying...."That blonde girl over there is going to go places.." when she was in the batting tunnel the other day. He was there for his son's baseball game, but My Girl was working that batting cage over! She is impressive out there...and she should be, she has been on the softball field since she was 2 days old. Yes, 2 days old. When my husband brought me home from the hospital after having her we went straight to his softball game! We were sooooo young!
Warming up for the Championship Game

ME...wanting my son to put down the camera because I am already nervous enough!

When did I get sooooo OLD!!!
Throwing some heat in the game! NCLL Championship Game

Very proud of this girl....I am sure that her future is going to be very BRIGHT!!!!

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