Sunday, June 6, 2010

Big Day!!

Friday my oldest turned 14!

I can't stand how fast time is flying by! I don't know where it has gone! I handled it better this year, last year I cried every time I said she was turning 13....was a turning point in my life as well I guess. She is growing up so quickly! She is about an inch taller than me now, not that this is a huge accomplishment..I am pretty short, and probably growing even taller!

She will be going into High School next year...something I am surely not ready for!

Friday was also the 8th Grade Formal....Big NIGHT!! It was so fun to help her do her hair and make-up. She looked beautiful!!

I had to stop myself from doing the math on how quickly other Big Nights would be here like Prom and leaving for College and a all happens so quickly!!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl....

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  1. Heather,

    Your girl is a real beauty. Mine turns 15 in a couple of weeks - OMG!!

    I was so sorry to hear about your poor pup. We had to put down a dog years ago when daughter was just 2. Soon afterward she told me one day not to be sad, 'cause our pup was now one of the fluffy clouds up in the sky... out of the mouth of babes....

    Lots of hugs,