Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bunny in a Basket: Tute for You

I hosted a Spring Craft Night at my house this weekend similar to the Valentines day one I did. Super fun!! I loved playing with Sparkly Bunnies and pastel chenille!! I thought I would share a few of the projects with you!

This is a picture of the 3 Projects we did. I am going to post a Tutorial every Tuesday for the next 3 weeks! Hope you enjoy them!

The first Tutorial is for the Bunny Basket! Super cute and really easy - plus inexpensive - to make! My favorite kind of decorative craft! My photo's are just a wee bit "gray" because the sun couldn't decide whether it wanted to stay out for me!

Simple Supply List:
2 Spring picks
scrap ribbon
Yarn Spool
I used a lid from a pint container (for ice cream or in my case Coffee...we have a few hundred of these left from when we closed our coffee shop!)
Yarn Spool
a Doily

And some basics:
Glue Gun
Wire cutters

I cut the wire at 12" for my handle

I put my little handle in place by poking a hole in either side and made a little loop. Some ladies just glued them in.   

 At This point I also glued my ribbon around the Lip of the lid and glued a doily to the bottom. 

I took my little pick of sparkly eggs and berries and spread them out. Needed to get the most bang for my $1.99 out of this little guy! :)

I cut myself 3 eggs and a small branch.

Here is where my little tutorial went awry....I can't seem to locate the next 4 photos! I am however pretty sure you can figure out what happens next... hehe

Glue your shred into the base
Position and then glue down your bunny and eggs
Position your little sprig of eggs and berries to the wire on the side or all the way around. Be creative!

Here was my final product! I have decided to add a little pennant banner to this one! Enjoy!

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  1. I love it! Great job!! I can't wait for next Tuesday!