Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Man, I LOVE a good Thrift Store!

Not all thrift stores are created equal, and if you have a good one that you frequent, you know what I mean!

I was able to hit my favorite spot twice this past week! It is only open 2 days a week so obviously this was a big deal. hahaha....Our break in weather has brought on my Spring Thrifting Fever!

Day 1: This sweet little pin and these two super sweet pillow cases. I am totally in love with the sweet pink roses!

Day 2: These SUPER cute spectator shoes! This super cute brown wool hat...and a few supplies   

Leather belts, Wool blazers, and busted up old jewelry!   Oh My...

I will be making another trip out today.
I will let you know what I find!

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