Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chenille Garland

Time for a Tuesday Tutorial....Sounds like fun to me! As promised, here is another project that I did during my Ladies Craft Night~Spring Edition!

Chenille Garland!

Start off with a package of Chenille Stems. I used a pack of 100 from Michael's. It had the best color combo in it and it was only $2.99. The pack from Joannes only had 4 colors(and was also $2.99) . ...I wanted more!

Take your Chenille stems and cut them into 4" sections using wire cutters. You will end up with 300 pieces! This seems like a lot, but by the time your done it won't seem like it!

Take a stem, and bring it together to form a circle. Twist the ends together and straighten it out a bit to form a nice little circle. If you don't want a real "uniform" look, just leave it a little cockeyed!

Then just start building yourself a chain! I didn't follow any pattern at all. In fact, I was talking to the whole time I was creating this chain so it was completely  random!

I use this little chenille garland in different colors for all different holidays. I was so fortunate to have this little crafty-craft published in Amy Power's Inspired Ideas  magazine Christmas edition! I used a smaller cut for that one...it was super cute and petite!

She has the cutest magazines and the best group of ladies contributing to her magazine! LOVE them!!

I hope you enjoyed this little Spring Craft!

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